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SATURDAY 24 10 20

Wow, what a year! For the last two years I have been the President of Serotonin. You may think it to be near impossible, however running a choir during a Global Pandemic is totally possible and has been incredibly rewarding.


The definition of a choir, no matter the dictionary, always exists at it’s core as “a group of singers performing together.” As such, when COVID cancelled our extensive plans, Serotonin suddenly had a year with no operations, events, or goals in sight. Despite these harsh circumstances, we promptly transitioned online to our newly formed ‘Virtutonin’, and have had one of our most successful years ever! Our increased focus on music videos as well as alumni, local and international outreach, has seen Serotonin not only stay afloat in what may have been unbeatable odds, but go on to exceed several of our previous achievements.


Thanks to the hard work of the Executive and Music Teams as well as the entire choir jumping on board with the sudden changes, we were honoured to be presented with numerous awards at this year’s Student Guild Awards, including ‘Club Of The Year’ and ‘Small Club Of The Year’ for the first time ever (full list of Awards at the bottom)! I could not have been surrounded by more supportive and creative people during this challenging time and I am forever grateful to have experienced this with you all – not just my team or choir but my friends. I am beyond proud of how quickly we, as an entire team, were able to adapt to changes and complications as they were thrown at us and 

all we have achieved despite COVID-19 flipping our plans upside down. There are no other people I would rather be celebrating with on our incredible achievements, it is no secret that this year would not have been possible without the hard work you all constantly put in, so a massive thank you to you all.


Celebrating the good of 2020 helps us remember that there is a silver lining to everything, especially when we all come together as one to achieve what could have been impossible. We made it through: perhaps not as a “Choir”, but instead as something better: the Virtutonin family. Being the President of Serotonin for the last two years has been one of the most challenging yet incredible experiences - I’ve done some pretty amazing things, gone to cool places and met some fab people from all over the world and I am forever grateful to be a part of this group. Thank you to everyone at the GUGC Student Guild and Griffith University Gold Coast for your support this year and to all our friends close and far for helping share our love of singing and a cappella! Bring on 2021!


Club Of The Year

Club Administrator Of The Year (Laura Suttle)

Best Event

Recreational Club Of The Year

Small Club Of The Year

Small Club Administrator Of The Year (Laura Suttle)

Best Performance At An Event

Most Outstanding Club Website

Best Social Media Presence

From The Executive: A huge congratulations to our President Laura for receiving the prestigious ‘Club Administrator Of The Year’ and ‘Small Club Administrator Of The Year’ Awards! Laura’s initiation, organisation and determination have ensured our success this year. It has been a great privilege to have Laura as our president over the past 2 years and we are incredibly proud of her for receiving these awards. 

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