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THURSDAY 20 08 20

I know that every person is not born a singer. However, it is quite wonderful how we all have different skills, hobbies and interests. I think the most important thing we do in our lives as individuals, is finding places to belong. A community where we can share our passion for something, to learn and grow, to have purpose. Some people find these communities quite easily, while others struggle for years to find that one niche that fits them perfectly. When it comes to myself, I found this gorgeous little a cappella community at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Back in Norway where I grew up, I had an established theatre community where I could always feel safe, a place where I had purpose. It was therefore quite challenging when I left this safe place to become a scientist in Australia. Where would I belong? Where would I feel safe? Serotonin was the answer. 

I joined Serotonin in 2017. Little did I know, that Serotonin would play such a significant part in what I refer to as the best three years of my life. Thinking back, I remember that my main intention with joining this choir was to have something fun and joyful in my weekly schedule amidst all the studying. An academic sanctuary that could help me release some steam from the rather challenging student situation. A few months 


in, I realised that being part of an a cappella choir was actually quite a bit of a commitment – music learning, performing and fund raising. Commit or quit, basically. However, this was not much of an issue. Serotonin turned out to be exactly what I wanted and missed from my time in theatre groups; a weird, funny, devoted and gorgeous suit of people that all shared their immense passion for singing and music. Other than enhancing my musicality, I have learned a lot about being part of a team. All though I heavily appreciate being allocated a solo part (I must admit I enjoy the spotlight), an a cappella performance is absolutely useless unless every part is on point. Without a solid bass, tenor, alto or soprano part, the performance will completely fall through. The fact that each and every part is significant, is a great analogy to life. 


Now, you may still wonder why I stated that Serotonin has contributed significantly to my happiness the last three years? Picture this: You come home from a long and heavy day of lectures and all you want do is cry, drink wine, or both. Eventually you drag your sorry butt back to campus and walk into the rehearsal room, greeted by a series of hugs, warm welcomes and just fantastic positive energy. You work on music and you get to sing and enjoy this fantastic hobby with great people. Then following rehearsal some people go home and a handful of people choose to stay. One very dedicated board-gamer brings out a selection of top-quality board games and you play board, gossip and joke around with terrible humour all night, until you ultimately choose to go to Hungry Jacks and eat your heart out while talking about everything and nothing with your friends. It fills me with such warmth and joy thinking about this routine that happens basically every Wednesday night. These beautiful people are the ones I have enjoyed plenty of competitions and performances with as well, heck, I even went all the way to China with some of them to perform. Joining Serotonin has given  

me the pleasure of getting to sing and spend long days and nights with people that have become some of my closest friends. 


A true and inclusive community (as long as you can pitch of course) where you can feel safe and belong. I love Serotonin and everything I have experienced, every laughter I have shared and our dedication to always improve, while having fun doing it. 

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